Client Extension for Firefox
Voipster BV - "Zoep"

Voipster is an open source Internet Telephony company specialising in offering VOIP software and services. They are based on Amsterdam (Netherlands, Head Office) and Tallinn (Estonia, Development Centre)

This project was developed from start to launch in four weeks it's very cool that Zoep was the first browser phone to be developed for Firefox!


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Zoep requires Firefox 1.5

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Zoep Instalation Notes, Allow download from Glaxstar site


1 . Click Install Zoep for Firefox 1.5 (Note for Windows only)

2. Click Edit options when you see the yellow bar across top of your browser page above


3. Click Allow to enable your browser to accept the Firefox extension from Glaxstar web site


4. Click Close to shut the window down

4. Click Install Zoep for Firefox 1.5 again .


5. Click Install now button

Notice the extension is signed by Glaxstar
(this means we have a Netscape code signing licence from verisign)


6. Enjoy Free phone calls to and from your Firefox browser ;)

Install Zoep for Firefox Windows version only Voipster