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For use by people who have signed up to be part of the preview tester group, this is not a general support forum. Testers use this forum for submitting reviews, test reports, requests and comments.
127 weeks 5 days ago
by Glaxstar Admin
Comments, and general questions about the OwnArea extension
367 weeks 6 days ago
by Glaxstar Admin
Reporting replicatable bugs, please state operating system version and the steps needed to reproduce the bug, thanks ;) Note : We have a bugzilla site we can switch to if we get to many!
5197 weeks 4 days ago
by knowing_prophet
Want remote passwords? We can do it but should we? Use this forum to suggest what you think we should do next, then we'll debate the implications ;)
11227 weeks 2 days ago
by Glaxstar Admin
What themes are broken, what existing extensions does it break? One of the strenghts of Firefox is extensability, problem is we can't know hwo all 10000 or so extensions out there have been written.
347 weeks 6 days ago
by Ian Hayward
For questions about the OwnArea Protected account, and teh Circle of trust messaging and trusted list contol.
137 weeks 6 days ago
by Ian Hayward