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Option for No Roaming Homepages

Submitted by knowing_prophet on Mon, 2006-02-27 07:06.

First, if a user is using OwnArea's built-in session restore feature, the only tabs that should load on login are the ones the user was viewing when they last logged off. Although users can get used to having their session restored and then their homepage loaded, it seems more natural to see only the tabs you were viewing before, especially since many users will have seen it done this way in SessionSaver.

Second, there should be an option not to load a home-page at all on login, even if the session restore feature is not being used. It is a little confusing at first to have the non-roaming homepage load, and then the roaming homepage load once you login to OwnArea (although, again it can be gotten used to). I propose that when the roaming homepage is set to an empty string (i.e. the field is left empty), no tab is loaded on login. I also propose that the field is empty by default, to make the initial shock from all of the changes a little less drastic. The user can then set their own homepage.

Thanks for all the hard work Glaxstar! I'm really enjoying this, and I haven't even gone anywhere with it yet.

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