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A real solution to shield your Child from harmful content online @ $49.95 / Year (14 day Free trial)

At last, a real solution to the solve the problem of protecting your loved ones from harmful content on the Internet.

Simple solutions are best

Simply give them a Protected OwnArea account to use with the Firefox web browser and relax, safe in the knowledge that wherever they use the Internet, on any computer anywhere, you are with them in their “Circle of Trust” as if sitting right beside them.

Protected loved ones in a unique Circle of Trust

Involve the whole family protecting your child online.

Link other family members free OwnArea accounts into your Childs protected account to form a circle of trust around your child and they will be able send unblock website requests directly from their browser to yours or any other family member that they will see indicated as online.


Keeps your child as safe as if all your family were sitting right beside them.

OwnArea requires the Firefox Web Browser

OwnArea requires Firefox, the award winning browser from Mozilla.

So if you are not already using one of the 281,094,885 Firefox downloads then get a better web experience with Mozilla Firefox today...

Simple as Childs Play!

OwnArea is designed to work seamlessly for you and your child, no technical knowledge is required. It’s as easy as surfing the web.

There’s nothing to it, their circle of trusted sites are automatically created for the first time by watching your child as they visit all the sites they usually go to, once. Then when they are done, simply just lock their Internet Door with one click and that’s it!

Their trusted personal website list are held securely on our central online servers so from now on that’s all their OwnArea account will let them see when using Firefox, anything else will be blocked, unless you either reach over their shoulder to unblock it they send you or other family members a request directly into your Firefox browser(s) when online at different places.

Trusted Circle

Link your family together wherever they are online and stay together using Firefox in a unique “Circle of Trust”.

to enable your child to send immediate unblock website requests directly from their browser page to yours or any other family member they can see is currently online.

Experience our unique, browser to browser Trusted Messaging so you can be in constant communication with your child and wider family members when you are online on different computers, it’s completely integrated into Firefox and private and personal to you. No Spam, No advertising, just in the flow seamless communication.
You can check out the site and send a reply straight back.



Whenever a member of the Circle of Trust adds a website to the protected accounts trusted website list, they must of course first validate themselves again, even though they are already signed into Firefox with their OwnArea account, this is to make sure it is still them at the browser.

Easy, remote control

Trusted Circle members can decide not only if the site is trusted but also to what level the site is trusted. The default option is to allow the protected user to see the current page and deeper into the site


You can choose to only allow the protected user to see only the specific page what has been requested if you feel you want to restrict access to this degree, OwnArea makes it easy for you to do so.

This is all OwnArea will allow Firefox to see whenever your protected one visits the site.



Or if you prefer to trust more freedom to adventure around the trusted website you can allow your protected user to see all of the website including sub domains just by selecting this option.


Not only can you decide what areas of a website the protected user can see but you can also control if you want to trust external links from the site to other sites. By default this option is turned off but if you trust that the site you are adding to the list will only link to appropriate other sites you can tick this option and allow your protected user to adventure a little more.


The really cleaver thing is that when the “allow link” option is ticked, OwnArea will let the protected account link from the trusted site to an external linked site but then will not let the user go to any further linked sites there after.


Know when family are online!

Simply click your Trusted Circle menu to tell if your family members are signed into their OwnArea accounts online with Firefox.


you can also tell when they logged in or they last logged out, this is especially important for protected account users because they can see who they can ask for help.

Trusted Circle Messaging

No Spam. No nonsense. Send simple one to one messages to anyone in your trusted circle simply and easily as clicking their name.

It’s great to include distant relatives to help protect your loved ones in their protected account and it’s a great way to help all the extended-family to keep in touch with each other too!


Sending a trusted message

Sending a message is easy, it’s all built in, no setting up required just select a name, type the message and OwnArea will deliver it directly into Firefox at the other end.

Example... John.Doe (Dad) sends a message to Jill.Doe (Daughter)

Receiving a trusted message.

After John (Dad) in the above example sends his message...

Jill would receive a desktop notification (bottom right hand corner of desktop) plus an inbox icon in the top right hand corner of her Firefox browser to alert her that she has a trusted message.



When Jill clicks on the icon she sees the message appear in the OwnArea drop-bar area and she is free to reply to her Dad, and so on goes the communication process, you see how it works...



OwnArea protected accounts block all websites unless trusted. Period.

When a user is signed into Firefox with their "OwnArea Protected Account" all websites will be blocked unless they are on their personal trusted list.

So whenever your young child (or dear old Grandma) wants to see a particular site all they have to do is ask one of their family in their trusted circle.

There could be dozens of extended family members entrusted with making the simple decision if a site is to be trusted and all these family members will link up simply by signing into Firefox with their OwnArea personal accounts.

Moreover, remember the protected one is protected signing into Firefox on any computer anywhere.


Sending a request to unblock a website

In this example, Jill Doe sends a request to see to both her Mom and her Dad at the same time.


She can see that they are online because their usernames are both Green, Jill is at her Grandmothers house while her parents are still at work and signed into Firefox with their OwnArea personal accounts.


If a trusted circle user is on hand

But if a trusted circle member is on hand close by, they can of course easily get on the computer there and then and click the accept button...


And then they can set the limits and approve the site by entering their OwnArea personal account username and password. The OwnArea account details are of course checked by the system to make sure that the person is on the protected persons circle of trust.

If a trusted circle member is online elsewhere


Ok back to our senario with Jill. She sends a request to her Mom and Dad and Jill see's a brief notification in her browser that the request has been sent. ( This disapears after a few seconds)


If Jill returns to the website before she's had an answer back from Mom or Dad she sees a note to remind her that the site is awaiting a decision, although Mom and Dad get notified within ten seconds of Jill making the request, let's assume she's very impatient. She can at this stage send a reminder message or add some additional information for example she may want to explain what she wants to see the site for (homework etc..)



Receiving an unblock request

Over at the other end Mom and Dad (remember anyone on the trusted list may receive a request) recieve notification of the request from Jill. (note, there's a desktop alert too)

Jane Doe (Mom) is first to respond to the request from her Daughter, Jane sees that she has a red flag in the top right hand corner of Firefox indicating that there is one new request to attend to.



Clicking on the flag brings up Jill's request in a drop-bar and her Mom can decide if the site is to be trusted.



Note : You can click the view link to open the requested site page into the browser to allow easy inspection of the site content before you decide to add it to the trusted list.


Receiving a site decision.

When the site is accepted or rejected the protected user immediately gets a notification directly into their Firefox browser to tell them of the decision, so this time Daughter Jill gets flag icon and a desktop alert which see clicks on to see the drop-bar information containing the reply from her Mom.

In this case Jill's Mom has decided to trust and has allowed Jill to view deeper into the site but not allowed her to link to any external pages from the site. All Jill has to do is click on the trusted link in blue or select the site from her Roaming bookmarks menu.