A real and practical solution to protecting School children online


It works in the same way as Protected accounts but instead of one username per child schools are able to create one username per class, or subject or even year.

Each child has a password so web activity is uniquely recorded on central servers.

This is a very flexible system and allows teachers to share trusted lists so that once a decent list is established, it scales very quickly.

We envisage children signing into Firefox with their class, or subject username and OwnArea making their browser connect with a national database of trusted sites.

Our school children don't need to see the whole internet, just the part of it that is appropriate to the curriculum . The magic is because it's Internet (WAN) based they can use their school account at home, which gets Firefox spread not only in the schools but at home too!

OwnArea requies Firefox the award winning browser from Mozilla, if you are not already using one of the 281,095,076 Firefox downloads then get a better web experience with Mozilla Firefox today...