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Sunday 26th Feb
OwnArea Version 0.9.8
Added Facility to re-set password with link from sign-in panel.

Release Notes

Roaming Bookmarks

Now you can have your favourite websites available to you using Firefox on any computer anywhere with this professional service. We’ve produced a Firefox native environment for your roaming bookmarks that you will be instantly familiar with. It operates exactly as normal bookmarks, including a fully functional manage roaming bookmarks facility.

Easy To Set Up

The Upload Bookmarks Wizard lets you decide what bookmarks to upload to your roaming bookmarks at any time. Once uplaoded you can delete and edit them just as you would with normal static bookmarks.

No-synchronising! It’s all automatic

OwnArea uses it’s smart-cache system to speed up the operation of your roaming Bookmarks to reduce network-lag to a minimum.

Roaming toolbar

Your OwnArea roaming toolbar replicates the static bookmarks toolbar, so you can still have your roaming links just on-click away on your bookmarks toolbar, sounds simple but it was incredibly hard to do :)

Roaming Homepage

In addition to keeping your bookmarks with you now you can keep your homepage(s) with you too.

Once you sign into Firefox with your OwnArea username you’ll see that you now have a Roaming Homepage option that lets to set which homepage(s) you see when you sign into Firefox anywhere with your OwnArea account.

This is also configurable via your OwnArea preferences panel

Close Tab (icon on tab)

The OwnArea extension adds a close tab graphic to the active tab, although this is a future feature if Firefox 2.0 we we wanted to do our own version instead of waiting ;)

But there’s a more to it than that! Try it for yourself when you install the extension and sign into Firefox with your OwnArea account, notice what happens if you move your mouse curser over to the right hand edge of a non-active tab.

Mouse over a "non-active" tab



As you move to the edge you will see that the close icon appears When you click on this close icon you can close the tab in one click without first having to active the tab


You can also have the tabs appear at the bottom of the browser by changing the setting in your OwnArea preferences.


Undo – close tab

We’ve all done it, closed a tab too quickly just as we’ve realized we didn’t’ want to do that! So we’ve added an undo-close tab feature.


Either undo tab by using the right-click menu


Select the command from your OwnArea menu

That's better ;) Again this is a forthcoming feature of Firefox 2.0 but we did it a while back so thought we may as well include it in OwnArea now.


Roaming Interface Settings

When you are signed in to Firefox with your OwnArea account any changes you make to your browser interface buttons will automatically be remembered by your OwnArea account, so that when you sign into Firefox on some other computer you will watch the browser change before your eyes to become just how you had it configured before!

Example of typical Firefox button configuration




Example of custom setting after signing in


Roaming control of allowed pop up window

Sometimes we have to allow certain sites to show pop-up windows if they have special need to do so.

Now you can take your personal allowed pop-up enables sites with you using Firefox on any computer, simply upload them from your OwnArea preference settings.

And then when you sign into Firefox on a different computer with your OwnArea account you’ll be safe in the knowledge that no other site will be able to show you pop-ups even if the Firefox browser you are using had hundreds of allowed pop-up sites set in it’s settings, you won’t use those settings you’ll be using your personal OwnArea roaming pop-up settings instead, sweet!

Search Box

OwnArea extension gives you two extra features on the search bar

You can click this icon to search within your roaming bookmarks



If you click this tab icon your web search will open up in a new tab within Firefox automatically.