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[ Support ] - OwnArea extension

School Accounts?

Submitted by Glaxstar Guest Account on Fri, 2006-05-05 13:56.

Thanks for your great work!

Your web page says School Accounts are expected to be launched on March 14th. Today is May 5th. Do you mean March 14th, 2007, or do you have a new launch date for School Accounts?

Extensions that work

Submitted by RossA on Tue, 2006-02-28 20:09.

I'm running the following extensions and bar a glitch when I started all seems to be working well:

Foxmarks (although I don't think I'll need this much longer now)
Bookmark Duplicate Detector
Bookmark Backup
Tabbrowser Preferences
Sessionsaver 2
Reload Every
Gmail notifier
Adblock Plus

Admark Filterset.G

Good job guys!

Tab Mix Plus

Submitted by Ken Saunders on Sun, 2006-02-26 18:52.

Tab Mix Plus is incompatible.

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