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It's better they're safe than worry...
At last, a remarkable breakthrough for our time. Get the worlds first online child safety account for your child today and worry no more.

Your a great parent, you want your child to keep up with technology but you realise it's impossible to keep a constant look over their shoulder when they are on the web, especially if your childs online somewhere else. One click in the wrong direction and it's too late, the damage that's done can't be undone.

When your Child uses their OwnAreaKIDS™ account to sign into the amazing Internet Adventurer™ web browser, you can be sure they will be kept safe and sound in their circle of trust™ no matter where they use they web, anywhere.
Pilot sign up form
Information will remain confidential.

Discover just how easy it is for yourself!
Involve the whole family & come join in the pilot today, over 450 children with parents have already in just a few weeks via word of mouth alone.

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What do you get?

Internet Adventurer Software on CD
OwnAreaKIDS accounts for each child
OwnArea Lifestyle accounts for parent(s)
Easy to follow installation instructions
Step by step account registration guide
24/7 Web & email support
A new Internet lifestyle
Parental Internet Protection Society Magazine(PIPS)

And finally...
You and your family keep your accounts
free forever.

How to contact
We really are here to help.

[email protected]

Write to address:
Glaxstar Limited
One Victoria Square
B1 1BD
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 121 616 0330

+44(0) 121 616 0331

UK Police Notice
South Stafforshire division has granted official permission for all officers who wish to take part in pilot to to so. In order to comply with regulations, all officers are kindly asked to enter their works collar number on the sign up form in order for participation to be recorded with your division.
Thank you.