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It's new and out of nowhere!

The new Internet software browser, for the new way of browsing the web, one day all browsers will be this good.

Internet Adventurer is free to install and use, based on the highly respected Gecko engine from the Mozilla foundation, which means it shares the same pedigree as Netscape, AOL, Camio and more recently the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Change the web forever

What's different is how you use it, Internet Adventurer changes right in front of your eyes depending on who signs in with their OwnArea account.
Cross platform

Mac, Linux, Windows it does not matter what computer you walk up to anywhere, imagine that.

At home Anywhere!

At home, at work, at school, at the library, everywhere Internet Adventure is installed you can sign in with your OwnArea username/password and have your private, personal browser environment delivered to you my simply signing in with your OwnArea account.

Use any ISP

No need to change ISP, keep everything the same, just download Internet Adventurer, register an OwnArea account and your off and away.
Now all your favourites / bookmarks are in one place,
at the end of your fingertips!

It's a bore to just explore, go on an Adventure!
From this - to that - anywhere

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