Cool stuff for Firefox.

Some of our work

These are some cool ones we are able to mention... (client agreements often prevent us from talking about our work) commissioned Glaxstar to first consult and then 100% author the very first 1.0 Add-on for Firefox, It was and still is a very popular Firefox Add-on. We worked with them on this before they were brought by Yahoo!

Paypal commissioned Glaxstar to produce their pro-extension for Firefox titled "Send Money", as far as Add-ons go it's a really simple one that just does one things really well. There may be some more advanced versions to follow.


Glaxstar have continuously maintained and developed Spread Firefox ( for the Mozilla Foundation and now the Mozilla Corporation. Spread Firefox is the official community marketing site for (you guessed it) Firefox, but we expect you knew that already ;) Glaxstar co-founder Ian Hayward works with Asa Dotzler on the site as Lead community admin.

Glaxstar Recommends

Glaxstar recommends Firefox, the award winning Internet software from Mozilla that has had 859663787 downloads since 2004.