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Our Audioslave

Thanks largely to the fine work of Giddie, we have a new entertainment set up in the UK office. Meet ‘Martha’ our Glaxstar Audioslave… Otherwise know as the old 17″ Powerbook that was kicking around the office.

Now with iTunes and Vine Server installed, allowing each of us to share our personal iTunes collection over our […]

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Glubble is born

Glubble Beta is launched on time on 19th June 2007 and looking like its being really well received with day one news posts appearing on Cnet Lifehacker Techcrunch Washington Post Wired and super cool user sites like TechDadBlog and Demo Girl
On the first day there were 300 search results for Glubble on Google, now on […]

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Macs -R- Us!

We love apple stuff at Glaxstar, strange though when most of the users of Firefox Add-Ons are probably windows users. Don’t get us wrong we don’t hate Windows (Giddie actually likes it a lot) but 9 out of 10 Glaxstar folks that express a preference, say their laps prefer them! (maybe that’s a UK […]

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the companion

‘Twas June 2006 when Glaxstar worked with Mozilla to author the companion for Firefox it was developed for a Nike/Google collaboration for the Fifa World Cup Football tournament (soccer to the US)
Existing Firefox users could install an add-on into their browser and new-to-Firefox users could download a bundled Firefox distribution. This project […]

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Summer 2006 (almost) New Studio!

Glaxstar got a new pad in the summer of 2006, didn’t it look nice!

We had a company de-grease the old factory, sent in the painters and a carpet firm and hey-presto! One Inter-web-thingy-company funky studio.
Tada, thats better!

Its a pretty comfortable place for an old factory space, nice high ceiling and an airy feel. The ipod […]

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Way back was a time!

In the late summer of 2005 Chris Fralic the then VP of business development and Albert Wenger CEO of contacted me to discuss a new tool bar they were working on for Firefox they wanted some help to finish it. They also wanted to launch asap for some reason.
After an couple of initial conference […]

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Glaxstar Blog Icons

While creating this new blog I thought it would be nice to have some shiny brand-spanking new blog icons too. So I created this set of 8 icons, in two different themes no less!

This faboulus set of blog icons are yours for the downloading, and include icons for…

Date or Time
The WP icon
Groups or Folders (etc)

They’re […]

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