Just imagine...

Our mantra kind of sums up our philosophy , it's taken from the famous quote by Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than information".

In other words we take this to mean, "Don't allow yourself to be restricted by what you know instead, just imagine".

Our Cause

Solving the problem of shielding young children from harm online could be considered not-possible to some people. But we approach things differently.

You see, the thing is most humans tend to design something then try to make the problem fit their solution. Internet Filters are a classic example of this, when inventing Internet filters the fundamental mistake was made by defining the problem as "we need to make the Internet safe for children" wrong problem! They should have said "How can we make children safe using the Internet" Can you see the difference?

If you can congratulations, "your a free thinker ;)". If you can't then you won't realise that the resulting nonsense that has come out of a decade of thinking in the wrong direction is what they call "Internet Safety" which to us here at Glaxstar is an oxy-moron as the Internet of course can't be made safe, but you can "Keep Children safe to use the Internet", if you allow yourself to think in the opposite direction to everyone else, you see the solution.

Our Goals

Goal One

Solve the problem of protecting young children and anyone else that needs shielding from the darker side of web content.

Goal Two

Help further the advancement of Mozilla technology by developing new reasons for more people to switch to using Firefox.

Goal Three

Provide a living for all Glaxstar employees then give a greater percentage of profit to good causes than any other company in history. Imagine that!



Fact is Glaxstar is a private company, we don't have huge piles of venture cash to get us to market and we have spent a million dollars developing all of this in-house. We continue to manage and maintain the Spread Firefox website since summer '05 on a pro-bono basis for Mozilla because we believe in their cause to provide choice and innovation on the Internet.

The Future

We look forward to receiving your views on experiencing our creations and hope they bring you benefits and improve your online experience :)

As for right now... OwnArea is the first super-extension for Firefox, it's free with the option to buy unique "trusted circle" account to shield young children and loved ones from harmful web content. We suggest you check it out today.


Download OwnArea Windows & Linux Version
Download OwnArea Mac Version
Personal Account Protected Account School Account  

OwnArea requires Firefox the award winning browser from Mozilla, if you are not already using one of the 281,095,424 Firefox downloads then get a better web experience with Mozilla Firefox today...



Heads up from CEO

Glaxstar would like to say a big thank you to Jamey Boje (aka Graphics Guru) for the part he has played in assisting us with his immense design talent :) I genuinely recommend Jamey's professional design services and it's a pleasure to work along you Jamey on Spreadfirefox where we put in many pro-bono hours helping such a great cause!

Ian Hayward
CEO Glaxstar Corporation.