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Radio, TV, Print, Media Owners, Online or Offline it's relevant to you.

Introducing a most remarkable new channel, all you have to do is invite people to register their OwnArea account via you if they wish to theme their account with your websleeve.

Interactive websleeve™ content stays with the consumer all the time they are online and merges with their browser account every time they sign in to Internet Adventurer, this means they don't have to visit your web site, the interactive web-sleeve is the gateway to you site, conveniently merged with in the persons personal browser account.

Just imagine a whole new world of live interactive things you can provide for your known end customers merged in and "above the browser menu bar" as they surf the web.

You can provide relevant content from third parties to enhance your customers internet experience.

There's nothing better.

This is your invitation to the future, today.
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