One min update

December 8th, 2006

We buy the code from Voipster, get real busy with client work, thinking about when we will ever get around to developing this working proof of concept some more. Doesn’t work on Firefox 2 yet we’ve not had time to update it.

One day we would like to see this become the free VOIP for Firefox. Lets see. Its has potential but first the bills must be paid :)

Glaxstar buys Zoep client from Voipster

July 21st, 2006

Voipster have not put any development budget into Zoep for Firefox since March 2006 as they have moved onto working more on the gaming market to enable players to talk to one another using voip.  So Glaxstar have brought the project from them to see what we can do to deliver a good free phone service to Firefox users.

The name will change too because some company somewhere threatened to sue Voipster for trademark infringement, we are thinking about changing the name to something like “Bellr” , well, lets see what happens next shall we ;)

Zoep 0.9 extension update

February 7th, 2006

Multiple Windows! Zoep lives when you close Firefox? Keep reading…
This is a significant update and once again independent Zoep is leading the way for other (big Telco corporations) to follow ;)

Zoep can now work across multiple Firefox windows, check it out it’s amazing!

Moreover, if your Zoep window is open when you close all your Firefox browser windows, it keeps on going, it doesn’t close down ;) Re-open Firefox and your current Zoep state remains the same too, sweet!

Download count todate: (day 13)
Mozilla site = 2694 + Glaxstar site 6556 = 9250 Nearly at the 10,000 user mark within the first 2 weeks, not bad eh?
Here’s a full list of cool features in this final stage release…

-Zoep works with multiple Firefox browser windows

-All browser windows show your Zoep button status

-Zoep window if open, will remain live even when Firefox browser is closed.

- Re-open Firefox as often as you want without having to sign in as long as the Zoep application window remains open.

History Panel

-Filter can now check for incoming/outgoing calls and last 10, 25, 50 &100 calls

-Total account credits are displayed on history panel

Auto sign in

- checkbox on the sign in panel enables auto-sign in

- can be enabled/ disabled on the settings panel > preferences tab

Zoep IM

- Zoep IM now has clickable urls for http https & ftp

- Notification message shown during chat session when the other person goes offline/online

Day 6 - Update extension to 0.8.5

January 30th, 2006

If the contact you want to call is off line now you can just right click their name and select  “Call me please” – Next time they log in they get an auto-IM from you to tell them that they want to Zoep them.

That’s a couple of clicks off your mind….

Call me back is included in today’s rather administratively minor update 0.8.5.

 Included in today’s update is…

  • Typo change “Please check your internet connection”

Contacts Window

  • Add Call & chat to right click contact menu
  • Add sign out to the main window
  • Tooltip on dial pad button
  • Add “Call me please” to send IM

Add Window

  • Change “status requests” tab to “presence requests” – done
  • Change presence checkbox  note

Dial phone

  • Only allow numeric keys and ‘+’
  • Auto add “+” on pressing call button if not “+” in the number
  • Give text box focus on dial phone when opened


Sign in, make enter after password action form

Download update

Mozilla Addons site = 2100
Glaxstar  site = 3424

Total Zoep downloads to date during first 6 days =  5524 ;)

Day Three

January 27th, 2006

Have a Zoeper Weekend

The weekend is here and the first few thousand people are busy calling friends and family using the coolest new Zoepnames! Zoep’s already got over the 3500 new users on the network and it’s only been out for 72 hours with hardly any publicity yet!

So what’s this mean?

It means that you should do your friends a big favour and get them to register the best Zoep names while they can, Zoep let’s you register names like Jax, Pam or Johny, it really is that golden opportunity to get the coolest of usernames, so don’t miss out.

Mac & Linux

Listen up Mac & Linux users, here’s a tip, get yourself on a friends windows machine just so you can create a cool username for when Zoep runs in Firefox for your favourite OS very soon…
Have super weekend everyone!

Day two downloads

January 26th, 2006

Day two and thanks to you, we’ve doubled the downloads from day one to now 2000+

To date Zoep has had a 1000+ downloads from Mozilla Addons site and 1400+ downloads from Glaxstar site so it’s already on the way to 3000!

Let’s keep it up and show the world what a rockin’ platform Mozilla Firefox really is; innovation, freedom and choice. What a combination!

Tell friends and family to get themselves a good username registered early. It’s a great opportunity to get in at the start of the future of “open-network” Internet phone calls with Firefox.

Download Zoep Free at

Day one downloads. (the future’s calling)

January 25th, 2006

1000+ downloads day one

Well we didn’t expect this! Downloads from Mozilla and Glaxstar sites combined now top 1000+ downloads within the first 24 hours of Zoep’s public Beta release, sweet ;)

It was especially nice to see that even the few people having connection problems still had nice things to say about Zoep ;)

At time of writing this post around 1400 people have already connected to the free service that won’t tie them down.

When the future’s calling, smart people know when to pick up the phone!

First 24 hours & 1 update later (0.8.1)

January 25th, 2006

Hey 1st update in 24 hours!
Every good extension has a bag-over-head moment ;)

So responding to the few (as in three) reports of Zoep hanging forever with a grey sign in window, we found that if the user Internet connection was lost during Firefox start-up the engine did not trap the event and so didn’t give the proper “connection lost message” (resulting in the waiting–forever scenario).

This has been fixed in 0.8.1 so please update your extension and hopefully this will also solve problems with intermittent time-outs with Internet connections also which we suspect was the cause of the few reported sign in problems so far.

- Enjoy


January 25th, 2006

This will be our roadmap post, we’re too tired (05:21) so we’ll do it tomorrow.

Including localization ;)


January 25th, 2006

Ask questions , share answers. Maybe we can all help each other out a little?

Post your Zoep related support questions here and feel free to reply if you know the answer!

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