One of the main strengths of Firefox is the power of add-ons. There are thousands to choose from, and it’s easy to overload your browser with redundant add-ons. Why not pick the best of the best? These are the top ten add-ons to pick up for the best browsing experience.


Web Developer

The web developer toolbar is essential for anyone interested in web design. It lets you disassemble a website live and see what makes it tick. You can view and edit CSS files, view the page source and more.


Down Them All!

If you’ve ever come across an image gallery and wished you had an easy way to save all the pictures, Down Them All is for you. With one click you can queue up a list of every image on a page and download them all.


Youtube MP3

Youtube MP3 is a fast and easy way to download the audio from any Youtube video. Install it and you’ll find a download button above every video. Simply click it to scrape the audio for yourself.


Video Download Helper

Want to save more than just the audio? Video Download Helper allows you to download the source video from Youtube and other video sites. It even works for audio and picture galleries.



Any graphic designer will love Colorzilla. It’s an advanced eyedropper tool that lets you pick out the exact hex value of any color on your screen. It even has a gradient generator and more.


Adblock Plus

No Firefox installation is complete without Adblock Plus. It blocks ads across the web. Everything from Google’s text ads to commercials on Youtube and Hulu are a relic of the past with Adblock Plus.


Facebook Toolbar

Facebook is embedded in our lives, and the Facebook toolbar puts your notifications at your fingertips no matter where you are on the web.


Fastest Fox

For the speed demon browser, Fastest Fox streamlines a number of standard tasks like downloads and searching to make it all that much faster.


X Marks

If you use multiple computers or browse on a mobile, X Marks is for you. It syncs your bookmarks and open tabs across your different devices so you never leave one behind.



FoxyTunes integrates media players to your browser and lets you look up lyrics and band information on the fly for any song you’re playing.