The Firefox web browser sets the standard for internet browsing and has several advantages over other browsers. Prior to Firefox’s introduction of tabbed browsing, most browsers limited users to a single site per browser window. Other browsers have added tabbed browsing, but Firefox sets the standard.

Recently Firefox introduced tab groups. This enables users to organize a lot of open tabs into related groups. This allows the user to search among related tabs rather than having to search through scores of tabs. This is especially useful when working on research where information is being gathered from multiple sites.

Add-ons are the bread and butter of Firefox. Add-ons are enhancements that are installed as needed. Unlike other browsers that overwhelm the system with all features, Firefox allows users to add only features they need. This means faster browsing because the application has less demand on the system. When a browser installs a large package of features, many of these are unneeded and will never be used. However, it still requires system resources and slows the application down.

The Add-on bar is one of the most valuable tools for Firefox users. This bar sits at the bottom of the Firefox window and provides a place to put shortcuts for add-ons. This means that the add-ons you use most will be visible and one click away. Right-click on the Add-on bar to customize and add shortcuts.

Firefox also allows an easy way to install plug-ins to the browser. Plug-ins are components that provide additional abilities to a web browser. Examples of plugins are Flash, Quick Time player, and other third party applications. Firefox also has a library of independently developed plug-ins.

Other advantages Firefox has over competitors are security, simplicity, large library of extensions or plugins, and a rich open source community that works together to improve the browser and it’s functionality. Firefox has also led the way with their syncing feature. By setting up browser syncing, your bookmarks, history, passwords, and open tabs can be shared with Firefox browsers on other computers or on your smart phone. With Firefox’s security, users can sync with mobile devices without risk of personal data falling into the wrong hands.

These features and more make Firefox the top choice among internet browsers, and we can expect them to continue leading the way into the evolving world of the internet.