You may be wondering why there are cookies when you use the internet. To many who are not really tech savvy, data cookies are unidentifiable jargons. So what actually are these data cookies? What does it have to do with internet and website data?

What are data cookies?

Internet cookies are useful information that a web server gets from a user. The different information is then collated and sent to the web browser to keep for future use. The information saved by internet cookies include your login information from specific sites such as username, password, login time and other information. The website you visit actually saves your information on your computer and that group of information is stored in a cookie.

What are the uses of data cookies?

Internet cookies are useful in terms of having a speedy internet browsing. The cookies serve as memories that remember your information when you use the same internet site for the second time and the future website access. Some cookies document the information you have searched for online. This allows websites to suggest information that is related to your previous searches. The cookies come like your identification if you visit a specific website.

Is it safe to use internet cookies?

It is basically safe to use cookies when browsing the internet. Because cookies actually get some of your personal information, you may think that it somehow invades your privacy. The cookies are primarily provided for your use only. However, there are third party cookies that could cause harm to your computer and that you need to avoid or get rid of them.

What happens if I delete cookies?

The cookies and data entries pile up and take up space on your disk especially when you go to a lot of websites. This will actually slow your computer unction and will slow your internet access in general. If you delete internet cookies, your access to the internet would be faster compared to when old cookies are being piled up. In addition, if you delete cookies, all the data saved in them are deleted as well. This would mean that all the websites you’ve been to will not be able to remember you.

How do you clear cookies and other data entries in Firefox?

You can choose to delete cookies one by one for certain sites or you can delete all cookies at once. If you want to delete cookies for specific websites, you can Click on the “Firefox” menu and go to “Options”. Choose the “Privacy” panel from the Options menu and set “Use custom settings history” at the “Firefox will:” drop down options. Click the “Show Cookies” button and a new window will appear. From the new window, type in the website cookies that you want to delete from the list. Then close the window.

You can also delete all cookies altogether by going to the History menu for the Firefox settings, then go to Clear Recent History. Choose “Everything” on the drop down for “Time range to clear”, tick the box for “Cookies” under the details and click clear now.

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